What, How…?

Welcome to our site dedicated in (Cisco) toip tools…!

To get straight to the the principal concern, here is the list of our tools available (or soon) :

  • JPhone : this tool allows you to take control of a Cisco phone connected on your ToIP network. You can see in real time the phone screen and send key commands. This is usefull if you want to check the phone status or act remotly on it.
  • NumPlanEditor : Small visual interface to display free line numbers on your cluster. You can select a range of numbers and see their individual status (free or used). It is usefull to assign new numbers…
  • Logoustine : Tool to perform remote login/logout with a profile on a phone. This action can be done for one unit or for a pool of profiles/Phones.
  • SQLQuery : Tool supplied to execute direct SQL commands on the informix databases of your Cisco Call Manager. The result is clearly displayed.
  • And some others…