Jphone – Remote control of Cisco IP phones

General Presentation

Jphone tool allows you to remotely take control of a Cisco IP phone connected on your cluster (CUCM v9.x to V11.x). At this time, Jphone doesn’t work with 69XX IpPhones. This is very useful to check a phone screen status in real time when you cannot have direct access to it. To put it in a nutshell, with Jphone, you will be able to :

  • Display et follow in real time the screen status of a Cisco IP Phone,
  • Send key commands as if you were just in front of the phone,
  • Order the phone to make or answer a call,
  • Send Texte message on the phone,
  • Guide an end user by showing him how to use the phone,
  • Troubleshoot and debug an issue and validate

Jphone interface looks like :

JPhone Interface

JPhone Interface


Here you have the prerequisites for jphone :

Cisco phone remote control. Contrôle a distance d'un téléphone Cisco

JPhone Network diagram and prerequisites

The end User « jphone » (can also be an Application User with the additional role ‘CCM End User’. Thanks to Michel K. for this information) must be created on your CUCM cluster and must be able to use AXL API. As a consequence, the “Cisco AXL Web Service” has to be activated on the Call Manager server you specified in Jphone (@IP or DNS name). The minimum rights for the user « jphone » are listed in the figure above. It is also important that the computer or the server on which you are executing Jphone has a HTTP access to the phones and a HTTPS access to the CUCM AXL Server. The phones to observe must also have the field “Web Access” set to “Enable” in their CUCM configuration.

There is a « Test » Button on the application to help you to check these prerequisites. This button opens a new window proposing you three simple tests. The first one try to connect to the AXL CallManager URL (auth with the user specified in the parameters). The second test sends a simple AXL request (asks the CUCM version). And finally, the last one is a RIS connection. Those three tests must be OK to run NumPlanEditor properly :

cisco phone remote control validation tests

cisco phone remote control validation tests

Finally, make sure the “URL Authentication” in “Enterprise parameters” does not contain error or miss configuration (Name instead of @IP for example…).

How does it work ?

In order to take control of a Cisco IP Phone, Jphoneneeds its IP address. There are two types of mechanism:

  • Automatic mode: Jphone will automatically find the phone IP address from its line number. You will have to specify if this number is direcly configured on the phone or on a device profile logged into it.
  • Manual mode: In this case, you have to specify the IP address of the phone to observe. The end user set must control the phone.

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